Configure haproxy using ansible

  • firstly all these different web servers have different IP hence if the user want to connect to them the he would have to remember all these IP address which is not practical since some websites have thousands of servers.
  • not all web servers are busy at all times and the user would have to check the traffic on different web servers before connecting. Again this is not a very time-efficient way of managing things.

What’s a load balancer?

Let’s automate this process

  1. Download and install the haproxy software
  2. Configure the haproxy configuration file
  3. Limit the firewall which might hamper the connection of the webservers to the load balancer
  4. Start the haproxy services.

1. Install the haproxy software

2. Create the configuration file





Tech enthusiast

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Arjun Chauhan

Arjun Chauhan

Tech enthusiast

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